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How to Develop Software

Abrasoft develops new software and provides testing and maintenance services. We distinguish ourselves by our personal and involved approach – an approach that many other companies do not afford themselves. We consider each client to be unique, and are good at what we do because we love our job. By making effective use of information technology we are convinced that so much more can be done so much better. Problems are not mere challenges, but real problems. The trick is to solve them. And you can only properly succeed when you hunger for their solution.


We have great confidence in our employees. They enjoy their work, just as we do, and have been selected on the ability to work independently. We work with both national and international development teams from different countries.


Abrasoft at its core is an innovative company. Elsewhere on our website you will find examples of this. From the firm conviction that smart and elegant solutions are easier to implement and can greatly increase the effectiveness of business processes, we use our innovative company culture to achieve our customers’ goals. Openness is our priority. This is demonstrated by the way we do business, but above all it shows in the way we share the knowledge of our products. We like to team up with our customers.

News and events

The story, "TSMC benefits from demand for high-tech smartphone chips," which was posted to the newswire Thursday misstated the company's revenue forecast for the second quarter in the last paragraph.

The last two paragraphs of the Computerworld (US) story "Connecting for Good wrestles Kansas City's digital divide," which ran on the newswire Wednesday, have been deleted.

The story "With Google Glass, the doctor can see you now," posted Thursday, carried the wrong byline. It is by Sharon Gaudin. The story has been corrected on the wire

Even four months after the Mac Pro's initial release, Apple appears to be having problems making enough of the high-end cylindrical desktop computer. The company's store currently shows shipping times of 4-5 weeks for all Mac Pro models, even the stock versions without additional customizations.

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